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Tie Your Karate Belt Using These Easy Steps

The belt system in Kenpo is a symbol of progression of knowledge and skill in martial arts. A new student will wear a white belt and continue to progress wearing the colored belts of the system having achieved both time and skill requirements of each rank. A student who achieves a black belt (shodan) has exhibited proficiency in Kenpo basics. The black belt students will continue to deepen their understanding of Kenpo.


This video displays a simple way how I tie my martial art belt (obi) prior to class. Follow along, and you will soon master this skill!

Step 1. With belt in hands, unfold your belt and find the center of belt.

Step 2. Place the center at your waist

Step 3. Wrap the belt around waist - back to front

Step 4. Cross the left flap over right.

Step 5. Grasping all layers of the belt (3 layers) Push the left flap up while going under the 3 layers

Step 6. Having the two flaps in each hand, take the right flap cross over left flap and pull through loop (making the knot)

Step 7. Tug both sides of flaps to tighten the knot.

Step 8. Adjust knot while pulling down on flaps.

Congrats on following along and practicing this skill! See you in class at Montella's Karate Academy.

Shihan Chris

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