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Ninjas  4-6

Ninjas 4-6

Our youngest martial artist will see benefits in their development of concentration and focus through use of fun and exciting drills. We build on this successful foundation through character education, team building, and fitness. Our ninjas begin with learning the basics of martial arts where they participate in drills that increase coordination. Attend classes up to two times a week and you will be able to choose the schedule best for you. It is easy to get started!

Juniors Karate Ages 7-12

Juniors Karate Ages 7-12

Our Junior Program is centered on building the foundation of SUCCESS. Age appropriate fitness training supports skill developed from self defense instruction on their journey to black belt and beyond. Character education emphasizes gratitude, respect of self and others, responsibility and trustworthiness. Students work on setting goals through achievement of belt rank. Attend classes up to two times per week. You will be able to choose the schedule best for you. It is easy to get started!

Teen/Adult Karate

Teen/Adult Karate

You will learn Kenpo martial arts. You will see improvements in your focus, confidence and overall health.

Major Stress Release - Drills that include bag work and pad work.

Effective Self Defense Training in Kenpo - Earn your black belt and continue building on your knowledge - Always be eager to learn.

Rewarding fitness training - You will be rewarded with the benefits of better health. This includes stress reduction, increased focus, achievement of goals and your confidence will be boosted.

Increase your coordination and strength - you will have better movement with increased flexibility/agility

Why Choose Montella's Karate Academy

  • All Classes taught by certified,  master level black belt instructors

  • Energetic classes for all ages

  • High quality mats

  • Climate controlled facility

  • Classes designed to empower your development through supportive instruction

Getting Started Is Easy!

Begin by Selecting Your First Class!

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