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Three Ways to Improve Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is an important character trait to nurture and grow in children, teens, and adults. A lot of children and adults suffer from low self-esteem. However, with these three methods listed below you can bring your self-esteem up to a new level.

1) Focus on positives. Take time to reflect on all your “wins” in life or just simply that day. This can help increase confidence by remembering positive experiences and accomplishments. These can serve as building blocks to increase your confidence when beginning new tasks. For example, when a student is getting ready to test for a black belt, it is expected that he/she will feel nervous. By placing focus on prior completed martial arts belt tests along with the preparation taken for the upcoming test, the student will have gained great confidence! This type of focus on positives is a great formula for success!

2) PCP (Praise-Correct-Praise). This is a method used at Montella's Karate Academy. As martial arts instructors, it is important to correct our students if errors are made during training. However, we use this powerful self-esteem building method. The first step is to highlight something positive that was done correctly by the student and to verbally acknowledge it. Next, we address and correct the mistake, and we always finish with a positive statement. PCP is great method of coaching that improves student performance and builds self-esteem!

3) Nurture and grow your self-esteem. Try to observe your thinking. Are thoughts about yourself negative or positive? Take negative self talk statements such as “ I’ll never be able to do that” and replace it with “no matter how long it takes—I’ll accomplish it.” Remember, as Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can, or think you can't -- you’re right.”

Having a good self-esteem is powerful. These methods can help you build success in school, work and life. You will surely recognize how these are use in all classes at Montella’s Karate Academy. Good luck improving you self-esteem.

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