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4 Easy Focus Building Games for Your Child

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Building focus in our children develops confidence and readiness for engaged learning. As parents, we want our child to explore the world and capture all they can. We all want our child to be ready to learn, grasp new ideas, and have fun while learning.

However, living in today’s world we are surrounded by so many distractions including our own busy schedules. From an early age, our child is faced with distractions such as TV, radio, tablets. But, with a few fun and easy games you can set your child on the journey to better focus! At Montella’s Karate Academy, we use the 4 Focus Games and many other activities to increase the child’s concentration. Children have loads of fun while building their individual focus power!

Let us look at how these 4 Easy Focus Building Games for Your Child can build on their readiness to learn. These fun games are great for getting the entire family involved – so let’s get to it!

Let’s give these 4 fun games a try. Here we go!


Have your child stand in front of you. You will set a time for the game. Let us start with 30 seconds and build from there. Start the game by saying “1, 2, 3 Concentration Begins!” During the timed period you will go ahead and make goofy faces, crazy sounds, or anything that will make your child lose concentration and laugh. You will be amazed how soon your child will be adding on the length of time before they laugh!


You can do this game with your child, or have two children face each other. Look into each other’s eyes and stare until one child can no longer eye spar. See who is the EYE SPAR YOU CHAMPION!


For this game all you need are your hands! Start by putting your hands out in front and open and close them like an alligator’s mouth. You will ask your child to punch into the “alligator’s” mouth but do not get bit. Sing the alligator song “Punch really quick so you don’t get bit”. Change the speed of the alligator’s mouth chomping. Start by going slowly and then speed up. Your child will use focus to punch in and out without getting bit!


Have your child move around – silly dancing and then yell out FREEZE! Your child has to freeze in position until you say "Go" or "Begin". This will teach your child how to listen and be ready for the next move.

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