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Montella's Karate Academy

Montella's Karate Academy is located at 1211 Grand Army HIghway, Swansea, MA. 

Programs for Ages 4 and up

At Montella's Karate Academy, we believe that martial arts training is about much more than just physical exercise. Our instructors emphasize the importance of focus, discipline, and respect for yourself and others.


All classes are taught by master-level certified black belt instructors. Through our classes, we strive to inspire our students to reach their fullest potential and gain confidence in their abilities.


We are committed to helping our students succeed, both inside and outside of the dojo. With our comprehensive programs, we provide effective self-defense techniques and skills that help our students lead successful and healthy lives.


Come check out our programs and experience the benefits of martial arts.  Get started with 2 FREE Classes. Our Schedule is flexible.  

Montella's Karate Academy Schedule of Programs

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